Pausing A Webcast

Hi everyone.

Although we have been producing web seminars and virtual events for a long time, we are new to ON24. In addition to shorter web seminar programs, we also will be hosting half day virtual conferences on the platform, all on one consoles (and sometimes additional consoles for breakout sessions).

We generally work in breaks for our audience and use them to prep the next set of speakers. Not having a way to pause the webcast or put the audience on hold during these breaks makes this a little complicated.

I would love this feature added! Any thoughts?

Thank you.


Hi Jennifer,

We are similar in that most of our programs are half- or even full-day programs. For a typical 8-hour full-day program, we have a 10-minute break in the morning, a 10-minute break in the afternoon, and a 30-minute lunch mid-day.

While we can’t “pause” the webcast, our workaround has been to create standalone video clips with countdown timers and “elevator music”. I pre-built 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-minute break videos, and a 30-minute lunch video. Each video is pre-loaded into all events, so that when a break comes up, our Producer can simply play the video, and everyone (including the presenter) knows that we’re on break, how much time is left, and when to return.


Thank you, Marc.

I like the idea of break videos. We do that during our live streamed events, but something we could easily do here as well.

Our main concern, however, is that our events including a series of speakers who come on at different times during the program and in the past we have used these breaks to do a quick audio and video check and review any last minute programming updates with them. Because we were able to put people on hold during our breaks, we could do this and the audience wasn’t able to hear us or see us while we ran these checks.

All that to say, it seems like creating a “pause” button would not be that difficult to do and would be a nice feature to add to the platform.

Thanks again!


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Totally agree with you. Some of our events also have multiple speakers, and we’ve wound up doing a “speaker training” a day or two before the event and then…hoping for the best. A way to “pause” the meeting, or otherwise have a “green room” would be a welcome improvement.

One other workaround that we have done in the past is creating a separate meeting occurring at the same time and using it as a “green room” of sorts. Our speaker would connect to the green room first, about 30 minutes before they were scheduled to present. There we could check on their cam/mic, alert them of any changes, etc. Then during the break, we would have them connect to the main room, thinking that, hey, if they were JUST able to connect to another meeting, there shouldn’t be any issues. Sometimes that worked…sometimes that did not.

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I agree, we are running into this issue with a current meeting. We want to have guest speakers join in the middle of a meeting (or after a break) because they don’t need to hear all the content. There’s no way to put them in a holding room, green room, or lobby to test their audio and video before letting them into the main meeting.

We’ve done the same method and it works about half the time.

Our speakers just aren’t very technically savvy most of the time and they either run into issues with selecting their microphone or having a problem with their computers audio output not going to their headphones correctly.

We’ve switched to just doing multiple sessions and splitting everything up into sessions over multiple days with multiple links. It’s a bit annoying and maybe we miss out on some attendees, but it at least creates a much better product and ensures our speakers (who are often company presenters who are paying to be there) have a good experience.

I really would love for a pause feature and also for increasing the limit on speakers beyond 10 to something like 20.